The Rules + Terms & Conditions

Apply to all who attend any events.

We try to keep the rules to a minimum, but sufficient to ensure that all who attend, have a safe and fun time in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere.

There is no discrimination of any kind at any of our events and will not be tolerated by anyone either if a specific event that’s on isn’t for You THEN DON’T COME. All events can be viewed online.

If you are not sure of anything, then please ask Cherry or Mike, We are happy to help.

If you have any problem, it is important you report it to a member of D2 staff IMMEDIATELY and inform us so we can deal with it professionally and sufficiently. We will not be held responsible if you notify us after you have left the club. Be assured it will be dealt with discreetly for your comfort, please do not try and deal with the problem or situation yourself.

Staff, at D2, are not here to be abused verbally or otherwise, they are here to help you and make your night safe and enjoyable. If anyone swears at or threatens any member of staff you will be asked to leave or escorted from the building and your membership will be revoked and NO REFUND given.

We & the staff work very hard to keep the premises/venue to a high clean standard for your comfort please treat it with respect if you are found creating purposeful damage to the venue you will be asked to leave or escorted from the premises.

No drugs. We operate a no drugs policy. Most drugs will actually have a negative effect on your play performance. It is also more fun to have a partner who is able to communicate coherently. Anyone caught taking or dealing any drugs, they will be confiscated and reported to the police and escorted off our premises, membership revoked and NO REFUND is given.

Dress Code: No Tracksuits, No hats, No caps, sexy smart only, you are out for the day/evening please dress accordingly.

Easy on the alcohol – a drunk is not an attractive swinging partner, it can impair your performance and we may not be able to fully consent in a play situation. The staff reserve the right to refuse alcohol to those they perceive as having had enough alcohol or is having a negative effect on other club members.

No means No – if anyone says NO when you ask or are asked to join them, please respect them and retire. If you persist you will be asked to leave the club.

No pressure – do not try to force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do – not even your own partner, you can do as much or as little as you with all consenting parties.

No sex in the hot tub or masturbating, this is not only unhygienic it is also a health risk and irresponsible. If anyone is found practicing this we will close the hot tub for the safety of others. The club takes all necessary steps to keep the hot tub free from unwanted bacteria’s using the relevant chemicals, please do not spoil the use of the hot tub for others, there are plenty of rooms to play in.

NO SMOKING in the Hot Tub. NO SMOKING and NO CHEWING GUM (Mints are provided at the bar).

We supply antibacterial wipes, tissues, wet wipes and air freshener for your convenience. Please clean up your mess after using a playroom. It is not very nice if a person goes into a room that has not been cleaned after other persons use.

Open playroom doors – an invitation to others to join them in the room to watch, wait till you are asked to join in.

Closed playroom doors – please respect the privacy of people in the room i.e No speaking loudly outside the room.

Cameras and Camera Phones and recording devices of all descriptions are Not Allowed. This includes picture phones, video phones, and iPads. These devices must be switched off & not used anywhere in the club If you are seen with such a device you will be asked to leave, So keep it in your locker.

Don’t stand in the playrooms and chat, this is very off-putting for everyone and disrespectful – it’s ok to watch, or join in if asked. If you want to talk to someone please go to the lounge or bar areas.

Be open-minded – everyone is at the club for fun and to meet like-minded others. If that is not what you want – please don’t come. We all like different things, if someone is doing something that is not to your taste, do not comment or watch, as something you may do, might not be to your taste.

No Scat or Watersport games. We do not have the facilities for them, we do not appreciate cleaning surfaces and/or urine/scat from any room in the club.

There are designated smoking areas with plenty of ashtrays around to dispose of Your cigarettes, use them as the Astroturf will get ruined.

Respect Yours and other’s limits of play/fun. The D2 staff takes no responsibility if any harm is caused during your consensual play

If for any reason you are asked to stop what you are doing by a member D2 staff, Please do so immediately

D2 accepts no responsibility for any injuries caused to person/s whilst using the equipment or if you do play on/in our premises.

You are responsible for your own Private Play.

Please note, all memberships are granted on the basis that everyone seeks safe and consensual fun, in a clean and relaxed environment. As a club we expect you to make an effort with appearance and cleanliness. We have reasonably strict rules about behavior and expected protocols.

And Remember Cherry’s No.1 Rule “Don’t be a Dick”

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