Something a LITTLES different March 2020


Sunday 29th March 2020
Open 29-03-2020 13:00
Last Entry 29-03-2020 16:00
Close 29-03-2020 18:00
Venue Dare to Club
Address 1 Alfred St, Bristol BS2 0RF

‘Something a LITTLE different’ play event is a new, friendly and welcoming event for ABDL’s, Littles & those who identify as a caregiver. Based in Bristol it’s super easy to get to for those in Bristol, the Southwest and beyond.

Our theme this time is New Beginnings as it’s our first event and
it’s around Easter!

Perhaps you’re thinking this is a new thing you’d like to try.. Perhaps you’ve wanted to start coming to new, fun, exciting events, join the community or even make some new friends, well nows your chance. There’ll be none of that worry about walking in and being the new kid because everyone’s is.

Whether you’re bringing a Little, A Little bringing a big, A little being brave and coming by yourself, an Adult Baby, a Sissy Baby, Babyboy, Babygirl, Daddy, Mummy, Caregiver or you identify with the Caregiver or care receiver dynamic or role. Even if this is blossoming and is in a small way and you’re curious to learn more… this is the event for you.

We’ll have a dedicated ‘Little’ headspace aimed loosely towards those of us who Identify with a little age of 2-7-year-olds, but as long as you’re accepting and respectful of the age play & kink dynamic feel free to have fun too.

Come join as we make space for those of us who wish to return to the times of carefree innocent fun, playing with toys, arts, and crafts, Easter fun, books, and puzzles. You’ll have a place to just be you, make new friends and much more. And of course, those who care for us within this headspace are very welcome to join in too.

Also, for those who like to add a more grown-up dynamic to playtime or are naughty enough to be sent to detention, a dedicated dungeon ‘Kinky play’ space available as well.

Doors open at 1 pm, however – PLEASE can we all try our very best to attend ASSEMBLY at 1:30 pm, otherwise you’ll miss what our ‘different kind of Easter egg/chocolate hunt’ is all about and find out about all our other fun activities?

  • We’re pleased to say that Diaper/Nappy waring is very welcome but please take away your dirty Diapers/Nappies with you.
  • We also ask that you keep the Diaper/Nappy changing area clean and tidy.
    Diapers are not provided so please feel free to bring yours.
  • Please also feel free to bring toys, stuffies, dummies, blankets, etc that you don’t mind looking after, sharing and/or showing to you’re new friends.
  • Please Bring a Packed Lunch.
  • Drinks are available, so if we could buy drinks to help support the venue that would be fab.

Please DO NOT take pictures!

This is so that we can keep everyone as safe & as comfortable as possible. Try not to worry though we are working on having our very own kink, fetish and age play friendly photographer to come to take some creative and interesting school photos for us. He can even send them directly to you if you’d like.
With such a diverse range of activities planned and things going on to include both Kink and Ageplay headspaces. We’re sure you’ll have an amazing time, finding lots of things to join in with and enjoy.

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