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FUNDRAISING FOR COOKIE’S (KARLENE HUNT) FAMILYAs some of you are aware and others may not be, that our beautiful Cookie (Karlene Hunt) was unexpectedly rushed into hospital on Thursday 14th November with a life-threatening condition, where she has had to have an emergency heart operation to repair the Aorta due to it having a large tear. Since then Cookie has been heavily sedated, where still 2 weeks on remains the same. Cookie is on a ventilator to help her breath as she is slightly struggling to manage herself at present, she is also on dialysis to give her own kidneys a rest. Our most loved and absolutely the most kind-hearted, massive personality and beautiful person who is always full of life and big smiles is in a stable but critical condition in Bristol’s BRI ICU with constant around the clock care.

So this is where I’m asking for your support and help to raise some funds and help support Cookie’s family to be able to travel backwards and forwards and be able to stay close to their mum at the hospital, as they do not live Bristol themselves. Cookie has 3 children and 1 grandchild of various ages, 3, 11, 17 and 28 years old. It’s extremely difficult and expensive (as we all know) and so hard to be apart from your mum (who is the glue that holds the family together).

So PLEASE SPARE whatever you can so we can support and help her children in this very emotionally difficult time, for them to be as close as they can to their mum. Cookie (Karlene) has touched the hearts of many of us, so please spare what you can as it all helps.Thank you for your support in this tuff time and I will keep all updated on Cookies progress as and when I know myself.

Donation Link

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