Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Hire Dare to Club for Private Events and Non-Swing Events?

YES YOU CAN: Please contact Cherry on 07979 072965 or Email for information.

What’s the address: 1 Alfred Street, St Philips, Bristol, BS2 0RF

Why should we choose to visit Dare to Club
All I can say is come along and see for yourself.

Do you have Car Park
Yes we do, with room for about ten cars

What is the dress code?

In the week
Relaxed, casual, but clean and tidy, please.

Guys: Please, make an effort. The ladies dress to impress you, please try to reciprocate. Dirty, scruffy, smelly will be turned away at the door, sexy, clean, smart, presentable will be welcomed in. Dress to impress the ladies. Entry may be refused.

Ladies: As erotic and flirtatious as you dare and are comfortable with.
Changing areas have been provided, so bring along a choice of outfits if you wish.

Fetish Events:
Dress to whatever your kink/fetish desires.
Equally birthday suits are allowed.

Do I have to be a member
Membership is optional, you can attend any event listed (please bring a valid form of Photo-ID), however becoming a member, facilitates verification, allows discounts certain events (except Co-Hosted Events) allows access to Members Only events.

Can I pay on the door
Yes, you can (please bring a valid form of Photo-ID), we accept Cash, PayPal, Amex, Visa, and MasterCard.

Can I pay on the website, and how will it appear only bank statement
Yes you can we accept, PayPal, Amex, Visa, and MasterCard, and it will appear on your bank statement as ‘PAYPAL’

How busy will it be?
A question we can’t really answer. We are working hard to ensure busy nights and afternoons, utilising our links with all major web sites in the UK, as well as promoting ourselves on lots of web sites and other media. On a busy night, we can have well over 100 people in, quieter nights, less, but it changes by the minute, so please don’t ring asking how many people are in. By the time you get here, it will have changed. Check the Events page, for additional information on a specific night. Also if everybody that has booked in does turn up and people that don’t book in but turn up, its a guessing game that if I knew the answer to, I would do the lottery.

What is the ratio to single guys, couples and ladies?
It depends on which event you attend. So please read the description of events listed on our website and choose one that suits your personal preferences. Milf, Greedy girls and Male only gay events obviously have lots of single guys attending, so if you are not wanting an event with lots of males attending then don’t attend those events.

What do we need to join?
This site has Membership Application Forms. Please fill one of these in, before setting out to the club. We will reply to them all as quickly as possible, giving you an indication if membership will be accepted, or we are at capacity for a specific group. Couples and single females are welcome at the door, single males must wait for an acceptance email back from us. When you visit us you will need a valid form of Photo-ID for each member. You must be over 18 to join. Membership isn’t allowed without checking ID. Passport or Driving Licence is ideal, a recent utility bill, and bank cards are also acceptable. Your information is stored by us, will not be used or passed on to any other organisation.

It’s our first visit to Dare to Club what should we expect?
We understand a first visit can be daunting. Treat the first trip as if going out for a drink with friends, where everyone has one hobby in common. That’s all it needs to be, don’t worry or panic, and definitely, DO NOT get drunk before attending! If it’s your first visit, please allow us to show you around. This tour will introduce some of the areas to you, but more importantly, give us a chance to chat with you, reassuring you of what happens, where, and when, so there are no surprises later.

What should we bring with us?
Photo-ID, as mentioned above, if new and ID every time if you have no membership
Cash or Card for the entrance fee and bar

We have the following available for you:

Condoms at the bar
Lube is provided in all are playrooms
Free Towels provided for shower and bath
Drinks, we have a fully licensed and well-stocked bar
Food, we provide snacks and savories at the bar

Do we have to swing, or get naked?
No. You don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. Unlike some other clubs, we do not expect you to walk around in a towel, or join in with any activities. There is also no dress downtime, you can remain fully clothed all night long if you wish. Unless otherwise stated on specific events, ie NKD NITE.

End of story. Any pressure to do otherwise should be reported to a staff member.

Do I have to wear a Fetish outfit for the Fetish events?
Not at all, It’s your choice what you would like to wear, just as long as you are clean, tidy and not smelly.

What ages, size, race, gender, etc. of people attend?
Our only door stipulation is that you are over 18 years of age. We have people of all races, ages, sizes, and genders that attend a variety of are events. So again, check on our website before you attend to make sure that the event you are attending suits your personal preference. The club layout may not be ideal for people with a walking disability who find stairs awkward as the club has around 25 stairs between floors, however, access to where the toilets, bar, dance floor, changing facilities, two playrooms, and smoking area are all located on the main floor. If wheelchair access is required, please call us in advance so we can ensure access is provided.

Can I have a discount if I arrive late?
NO, we do not give a discount for late arrivals. All event times are listed on our website so please check.

Do you have lockable rooms?
At Dare to Club, we have a variety of 11 themed playrooms and a fully equipped basement dungeon. SO, yes, over half of the rooms are lockable and others are not.

Can I still come if it states “SOLD OUT” on the website?
NO, as this means we are at full capacity of what are licensing states.

Will we be hassled by single men?
If you attend on a singles night then please expect to be approached by our single guests to see if they might interest you. We ask them to do this, rather than loiter silently around the club. A simple “No Thanks” at this point will ensure you are left alone by that member for the rest of the night. Of course, most couples and single ladies attending a singles night are actually looking for that extra fun. If this is you, then get chatting to the guys at the bar or in the social zone, and make sure you’re happy with your choice before moving to play. Remember, at all times, even once you’ve started to play, that a simple “No Means No”, should be instantly honored by all.

I’m a single male, can I just join in?
As our answer above to the couples and single ladies indicates we want you to make the effort to start talking to people within the social areas of the club. It is very easy to say “Hi”, and get chatting. Please don’t hide in corners and be too shy to talk to someone. Remember, most other members are there that night to meet people like you, so go for it! Once you’ve chatted for a bit and got to know them, ask the obvious question “Would I be of interest to you later tonight?” If the answer is No, then thank them for their time and move on. If it is yes, then enjoy your evening! Single guys are welcome to all events hosted at Dare to Club unless it is stated otherwise on an event listing on our website.

If a lady seems to be seeking lots of male attention, please do not just rush in. Wait for a signal from either her or her partner, that clearly indicates you’ve been accepted. If you rush in without this, you may end up causing a major disturbance, and also asked to leave the club.

Am I guaranteed, play and fun?
Absolutely not. We are a Swingers and Fetish Club, where members pay for entry, and no other guarantees are given. Any ladies/couples visiting the club do so of their own free will, and we do not pay them in any way to provide “services”. It is not a brothel, or what is now becoming known as a “Sex Club”. Please do not expect any guarantee of fun. Your luck in this department will be totally dependant on your own effort, attitude, personality, cleanliness, looks and charm, and don’t expect the club to make up for any personal shortfalls. Skulking around the building hoping for an odd fumble, normally leads to an early exit and membership revoked.

Do you allow Chewing Gum?
No, sorry, it gets everywhere so we have to ban it. Mints are provided at the reception, and you can also purchase packets from the bar.

Do we bring our own drinks?
No. We have a fully licensed bar, selling a good range of beers, wines, and spirits. We have plenty of soft drinks, as well as non-alcoholic lagers for the drivers. Please do not bring in your own drinks, as these will be stored in reception by the door staff. If on your first visit to us, your favorite tipple isn’t supplied, please mention it to us and we’ll see if we can get it in. Our bar is also cheaper than surrounding pubs and hotels, so if looking for an early drink to settle nerves maybe, then coming into the club is actually a good idea.

Please ensure you do not get drunk. Our license is based on serving sober people, and should you get drunk, we will stop serving you, and ask you to leave the premises. In accordance with our license, we can not allow any drinks to be taken off the premises. We appreciate many people get nervous in this environment, but being unable to watch out for yourself, does not help anyone.

Can I come and go from the club?
No sorry, there is no re-entry to the club to be able to come and go as you please.

Mobile Phones, can I take pictures in the club?
Absolutely not. The rule protects us all. Any recording devices, including mobile phones, must be left in your locker. We have a very secure cloakroom. However, they are not permitted anywhere else in the club. Anyone found trying to photograph or video anything in the club will be ejected, and the media destroyed. All members are asked to report any incident of this nature to staff should it ever occur. If anyone is caught with a camera, our policy is to look through the recent photo’s and video’s to ensure nothing has been taken in the club. Be warned, we do not take this lightly!

If you wish to do a photo session within the club, then please contact us directly for private hire information.

Is there CCTV in the club?
We do have cameras inside the club and others outside protecting the building. The ones inside are:

Covering the front door, reception, and cloakrooms, to protect your belongings and to cover any issues at the front door and covering the dance floor, smoking areas, kitchen area, Bar areas, hallways and stairs, dungeon.

There are NO cameras in the playrooms

These are recording for all of our security and peace of mind, and should not be seen as covert in any way. All screens can be viewed by asking at the reception desk if you wish to see what is displayed. The data from these can only be requested by the Police following an incident in which the information might be of use. As a Private Members Club, we restrict the viewing of this material to the correct law enforcement agencies and only provide it when a crime has been committed.

What rules come into play during BDSM play?
Members involving themselves in BDSM play in the dungeon area normally enjoy a zone around them that cannot be interfered with, either by others approaching too much or by noise, such as speech, interrupting their games. Please be very aware of this and try not to interfere. If they wish participation in some form, they will clearly indicate to you that you can get involved. If you get no signal, then it’s seen as extremely impolite to interrupt them in any way.

I’d like more advice on the entire scene, where can I find it?
Dare to club recommends FabSwingers or Fetlife as a good way of getting to know the scene and to ask any questions of others before visits if you need to. The Forum section on the site is well run, and plenty of people will answer you with different views on most subjects. The site in its basic form is free, and only supporters are asked to pay something for access.

The Fetish scene is best served by a site called Fetlife. Again once on the site, make sure to make friends with us under the name Dare to Club

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