All about the pleasure

D2 is a place where you can do exactly what you want to do. Being in control the place where rules are observed and truly kinky people exist. Being encouraged to get my ass down there to share my ropes by my favorite deviant on this planet.

Chantilly takes no prisoners. Unless requested. It’s a delicious flirtatious atmosphere. A powder keg of corruption. The fuze that lights that desire to return and share a time that indulges in being who we want to be… If you haven’t been to the BDSM Friday’s or the Sweet and Kinky Sunday’s.

You have been missing out. For all of you long timers that know what I’m referring to.Thank you for making me feel welcome.

It was buzz being told I should be the permanent rigger for the club, by the one I was tying at the time. As she knew I wasn’t expecting sex. I wanted to do justice. That’s what D2 allows every style of corruption to take place… All about the pleasure. xXx