All about the pleasure

D2 is a place where you can do exactly what you want to do. Being in control the place where rules are observed and truly kinky people exist. Being encouraged to get my ass down there to share my ropes by my favorite deviant on this planet. Chantilly takes no prisoners. Unless requested. It’s a […]

We will be back

My first visit to your club. I have to say we were made very welcome by Helen for BMFC and Mike and Nigel.The music was good the facilities clean and a good mix of people. Thank you Mike for going the extra mile !! We had a great time and enjoyed your company. We will […]

Lovely mix

I just love this club the owners Cherry & Mike, they go above and behind the club is excellent clean rooms, open and closed to suit everyone’s needs, a lovely mix of people whether be it a social aspect or, play – try for yourselves peeps.