Channel 5 Documentary Spank Me Harder 2 Tuesday 22nd October 22:00 featuring Dare to Club 2.5+ million views Rated 7.8 by the critics.

A friendly relaxed, alternative private members club*, located in the industrial quarter of Old Market, A unique Venue in Bristol that celebrates a broad spectrum of events including, Adult Parties, Fetish, BDSM, Straight, LGBTQ+, Gay Only, Trans, Dance, Music Parties, Filming and Photo Shoot Location plus Workshops, Fetish Markets and Fundraisers. Check the Events on the website for the latest up to date information and event times. For further information call 0117 382 7398.

All existing members will be contacted by email with there upgraded membership details.

*Please note that while we are a private members club, you can attend certain events, without a membership, if you would like to know more, then send us an email.

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